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Apcalis ★★★★★

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Apcalis gel is another quality medicinal product that certainly helps with disorders of male erection. As erectile dysfunction is considered the case, when a man cannot achieve and maintain an erection sufficient during intercourse. More and more men worldwide suffer from this problem . In the modern times, however, there are several solutions. Less radical than surgery, but more efficient is the use of the Apcalis gel.
What is Apcalis gel and what is it used for?
Apcalis gel contains the active ingredient tadalafil available in different gel bags of this unique medicinal product. During sexual arousal tadalafil relaxes vascular smooth muscle in the sexual organ and allows the blood flow to the tissues.  Multiplied blood flow makes it easy to achieve hardening of the penis. The substance tadalafil is absorbed by the body very quickly and effects are usually felt almost immediately. In addition to the rapid onset of actions, the biggest advantage of this great medicine is their long duration. Apcalis gel is therefore one of the most popular drugs for achieving and maintaining a solid erection. For such long-lasting results, aproximately 36 hours, and affordability it is even more popular than the well known Viagra.
How to use Apcalis gel?
The recommended daily dose is 20 mg of tadalafil, that is an entire bag of Apcalis gel. About 20 minutes before sexual intercourse one whole bag should be properly mixed with a glass of water and drunk. The real advantage of Apcalis gel is the immediate onset of effects, which are almost always felt already 10 minutes after ingestion. Their activation, however, requires sufficient sexual arousal. Another dose is allowed after 36 hours.
What are the contraindications of taking Apcalis gel?
Apcalis gel product should not be taken by men who have had a stroke within the last 6 months. Furthermore, by patients with various cancers. Very careful with the use should be people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and people with high blood pressure. The product is in no way addicting. Apcalis gel is not intended for women.
Where to buy Apcalis gel?
Apcalis gel can be purchased in our Internet pharmacy quickly, cheaply and discreet. One full original package contains 7 gel bags and you can choose from several fruit flavours. You do not need any prescription, you can simply order a package that you want to try.


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