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Do you eat healthy?

Healthy eating has several levels: nutritional, ethical and individual.
Nutritional values follow the composition of foods, the presence of sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for the healthy functioning of internal organs. These values differ depending on lifestyle and especially the amount of physical activity. Muscle building, working in the office and weight loss - they all need different diet composition. Nowadays, most people have the biggest problems with acidification of the body, which results in the formation and storage of many toxins in the body causing common health problems. The most frequent cause of acidity in the body is usually a monotonous diet neglecting the clear water, fresh fruit and vegetables. The main principles in the nutritional level of a healthy diet are therefore: diversity and moderation.
Ethical level deals with the environment food comes from. Products from big animal farms/cage farms and from mass agriculture are often full of dangerous chemicals and inhumane behaviour. Therefore, at this level the principle follows prioritizing biological, ecological and organic animal husbandry and crop production or total exclusion of animal products as well as GMO products.
Individual level of a healthy diet follows the needs of an individual, his/her health condition. For weight loss and maintaining a slim figure it is recommended to reduce saturated fats and sugars and to add more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It is also recommended to eat whole grain bread and drink clean water. Products for weight loss and detoxification help here significantly.
In conclusion, the individual factors (including the diet differences between men and women) affect the most the appropriate food choices which will have a healthy impact on a person's body.