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With Sport to Health

Why is sport healthy? The term sport derives from the English word "desport". That means to amuse oneself, to unbend oneself, actually to escape from work, from the obligation to entertainment. Apart from professionals, for whom sport means employment and is often associated with stress, the term refers to any physical activity carried out according to certain rules. From this holistic idea of sport it is clear that it has beneficial effects on our body as well as our mind. In other words, it's the joy of movement.
Our body is in fact constantly "in motion", in the form of spontaneous function of internal organs, digestive tract or blood stream. However, their condition is fading due to age and under the influence of inappropriate, organs burdensome diet and sedentary work their skills gradually deteriorate, resulting in various health problems. Because internal organs need among other things enough oxygen to function properly. Oxygen transport in the body is ensured by blood. Thus, acceleration of blood circulation means more efficient oxygenation of the body, faster metabolism and increased activity of the excretory organs and glands by which the body detoxifies itself. Detoxification is the process of disposal of the toxins that accumulate in the body by inhalation of smog, "emulsifier-full" diet or as a by-product of metabolism. Therefore, the movement, physical activity, namely sport is so healthy and important because it helps the body to detoxify itself, as well as to burn excess fat and build muscles. In combination with products for muscle growth as well as slimming pills, the body detoxifies itself more quickly and gets rid of extra fat that prevents it from moving.
Sport is joy, movement; sport can be a social activity with friends, sport shapes slim body; but in any case, sport is a way to health.